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    Policy positions

    A Leader for the Future

    Marijuana Legalization

    I support the legalization of marijuana, and decriminalization of drugs. Let's support each other instead of setting ourselves back.

    Growing our local economy

    We can support local businesses by ensuring we keep taxes low, and promoting the county as a business friendly zone.

    Taking Pride in 2A

    The second amendment is important to us all. We need to protect the second amendment and stop government from trampling on our rights.

    Platform/Policy Positions

    I am making a commitment to be as transparent with my constituents as possible. I believe this partnership starts from day one. In an effort to promote this policy I have listed all of my policy positions in one central location. If you have any questions on specific policy positions please do not hesitate to reach out to me, I will always be at your service. 

    Local Level Platform

    Federal Level Platform

    Top Priority Items:
    • Education
    • Drugs/Crime
    • Healthcare/Human Services
    Additional Focus Items:
    • Revamping the county infrastructure
      • To include the water/sewer systems
    • Activities for children
    • County Minimum Wage
    • Tax Reform 
    Top Priority Items:
    • In Work
    Additional Focus Items:
    • In Work

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